Praise for In Times of Trouble

Praise for my novel has a wisdom and emotional response I never anticipated, nor could have written. I am grateful and humbled. –JS

A Book for Our Times
“This is a courageous book. The problem of sexual abuse is a clear horrendous wrong. How the abused react to their trauma is often very complex. To outsiders it is often confusing. This book confronts this issue with accuracy, honesty and compassion. Incredibly this theme is woven into an immensely entertaining story. The most compelling aspect of this book is that it moves beyond the trauma reaching into ancient wisdom traditions that provide a path to healing. It allows for wholeness which can come from the forgotten love of the feminine aspect of the Divine. How we all need this. This book is timely, well written and clearly inspired.”
—Sharon Nakazono, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Amazon Reader Review

Simple Medieval Representation of the Divine Feminine  
“Stanhaus’ successful and worldly protagonist, Allison Von Otto, unexpectedly revisits her own sexual trauma. Allison’s path towards restoration is not found in the high class luxuries and trysts in which she typically indulges, but in the simple, medieval representation of the divine feminine. Steeped in eloquent descriptions of her colorful lifestyle, powerful visual scenery and sensual designer products characteristic of full page ads in travel and epicurean magazines, Stanhaus’ book takes the reader on a surprising journey of discovery to Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre in France’s Chartres Cathedral. The crucial question of whether and how a victim ever recovers from the trauma of sexual abuse plagued Stanhaus, and she intuited that her story’s heroine needed to reach a supernatural level of healing.”
—Dr. Caroline Cicero, Huffington Post

Intrigue, Confrontation and Enlightenment
“In Times of Trouble is Fifty Shades of Grey  with about fifty levels of depth. On the surface, it may seem like a sophisticated romp of love, exotic locales, and entitled experiences with the elite. Jeanette Stanhaus exquisitely draws us in via this initial intrigue, and then slams our psyches with intimate details of the truth and ugliness of human actions, behavior, and addiction. She then transcends this base reality with higher consciousness, beautiful writing and description, and authentic information about BEAUTY of the soul which we all aspire to touch.

This work is unique in its approach and in its final message. It is for all classes of people, universally. There is nothing in it that will not engross and teach the reader. Jeanette and her teachings are clearly a force to be reckoned with, as is her subject matter in In Times of Trouble.”
—Mary Allison, Amazon Reader Review

Interface of Psychology and Spirituality
“The mystery of transformation is part of the archetype of death and rebirth that belongs to our human condition. This book could cause a deep shift in all of those who suffered from violence and abuse. It can pave the way to a life transforming transition from betrayal to trust and a fundamental yes to life, where human suffering and transcendence can be embraced and reconciled. Traumatic experiences can open gates to the unconscious and prepare the ground for synchronistic and paranormal experiences, for a meeting with the Self.”
—Ursula Wirtz, Ph. D. Switzerland. Psychotraumatologist, author of Soulmurder. Incest and Therapy and numerous publications on the interface of psychology and spirituality.

A Story of Healing
“WOW! Beautifully, lovingly, told. I really loved the message of all the Goddesses throughout time. Also the author has made sure that people understand that the “whole” healing journey is not complete with an initial realization, but continues throughout one’s life. Difficulties and traumas can be understood and lightened with the assistance of guides that take many forms and are accessible to us all, once we open our consciousness and our hearts to allow healing. The author is a beautiful conduit for a loving spiritual message in In Times of Trouble. What a gift. Thank you!”
—R. Bradley, Amazon Reader Review

Bourbon Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth…and bitters
“I was so moved by In Times of Trouble that I decided to include it in my university course on psychoanalysis and literature. The novel granted access into the heavily guarded psyche of the main character, Allison Von Otto, and provided an opportunity to understand the motivating principles behind the actions and behavior of a sexual abuse survivor. The book was well received and successful in stirring some very strong emotions within my students. Unfortunately, I was shocked by how many of them seemed to have (by their behavior surrounding our examination of the novel) firsthand knowledge of the horrifying topic of sexual trauma. If anything, I learned that our society still has quite a way to go in terms of human understanding and compassion. The novel is one that should be read by men and women alike, such that we may be able to begin healing wounds that exist within our collective unconscious.

While the novel does handle some very heavy themes and displays some incredibly intense moments, it does not fall short in its delivery of entertainment. The exorbitantly wealthy setting allows for a luxurious vacation, filled with desire and frivolity. It seems almost strange to make mention of the fact, given the cumbersome mantle of sexual abuse, that the novel moves as fast as Allison’s ‘1962 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster,’ and, I dare say, is just as sexy.”
—Hideki Nakazono, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, author of Seven Falls,
Amazon Reader Review

A Must Read!!!
“This isn’t a fluff novel. And it is not for the faint of heart. But I couldn’t put it down, and read it a second time because it is so powerful. In Times of Trouble is a well-written, in-depth look at the world of abuse and the healing that is possible. Each of us knows someone who has been abused. This book should be read by everyone. It can help the abused to heal.”
—Kate Oelerich, Amazon Reader Review

Transformative Depths of Spirit and the Human Heart
“Beauty, love, incredible wealth–all the visual trappings of success are like a glittering mask that obscures the devastating secrets that hide below. Then the mask slips. When the secrets are exposed, Allison’s universal but profoundly personal struggles are set in motion. A fast-paced, emotionally taut thriller, it races through continents and identities to bring us back to the transformative depths of Spirit and the human heart.”
—Renna Shesso, author of Math for Mystics and A Magical Tour of the Night Sky.

In Times of Trouble
“Unfortunately, the subject matter is timely in today’s world. Anyone who has experienced or knows someone who has experienced such trauma needs to read this story.”
—Trish, Amazon Reader Review

Embraced in Love
“This is a beautifully written book! As each of us reads In Times of Trouble, we are embraced in love. What a wonderful healing story for all who have suffered trauma.”
—Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and How to Thrive in Changing Times

Comments at Book Signings
“Sexy and spiritual.”
“Powerful, emotional, life-altering.”
“Intriguing, intelligent.”
“You have definitely left a part of me different, or maybe woke up something I didn’t know was there.”
“It took me where I have never been before.”