Allison Von Otto’s life is outrageous, unconventional and privileged. Tight Velvets is her internationally acclaimed fashion business. Her impressive boyfriend, JJ, adores her. But what triggers her secret compulsion to become L’Ange Bleu, an exclusive Parisian courtesan? The Divine Mother orchestrates a sacred moment where Allison unravels the meaning of her life, and the Divine Mother reveals the wisdom of the ages. It’s one heaven of a love story.

“Stanhaus’ book takes the reader on a surprising journey of discovery to Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre in France’s Chartres Cathedral. She intuited that her story’s heroine needed to reach a supernatural level of healing.”
—Dr. Caroline Cicero, Huffington Post  Read review

In Times of Trouble is Fifty Shades of Grey  with about fifty levels of depth. On the surface, it may seem like a sophisticated romp of love, exotic locales, and entitled experiences with the elite. Jeanette Stanhaus exquisitely draws us in via this initial intrigue, and then slams our psyches with intimate details of the truth and ugliness
of human actions, behavior, and addiction. She then transcends this base reality with higher consciousness, beautiful writing and description, and authentic information about BEAUTY of the soul which we all aspire to touch. Her teachings are clearly a force to be reckoned with, as is her subject matter.”
—Mary Allison, Amazon Reader Review

“The novel moves as fast as Allison’s ‘1962 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster,’ and, I dare say, is just as sexy.”
—Hideki Nakazono, Author of Seven Falls

“This book could cause a deep shift in all of those who suffered from violence and abuse. It can pave the way to a life transforming transition from betrayal to trust and a fundamental yes to life, where human suffering and transcendence can be embraced and reconciled. Traumatic experiences can open gates to the unconscious and prepare the ground for synchronistic and paranormal experiences, for a meeting with the Self.”
—Ursula Wirtz, Ph.D., Switzerland. Psychotraumatologist, author of Soulmurder. Incest and Therapy, and numerous publications
on the interface of psychology and spirituality.

Fiction ignites your feelings and imagination, and reanimates those numb and dead parts of your psyche. A personal transformation through self-realization. 

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