Divine Mother Images Throughout Time and Cultures

Blessed Mother stands at Breezy PointOur Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the AmericasTara, the Swift One, Buddhist Goddess of Wisdom and CompassionSpider Rock, sacred site of Navajo Spider WomanIsis, Great Egyptian GoddessAphrodite, Goddess of Love, Ancient GreeceInanna, Sumerian Great Goddess Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre, Our Lady Under the EarthNotre-Dame du Pilier, Our Lady of the PillarThe Black Madonna of Einsiedeln, Healing, Majesty and MiraclesBlack Madonna of Montserrat, Seated Widom Headless Goddess, Knossos, Ancient CreteOsiris, Great Egyptian God


The Divine Mother is Miraculous

Breezy Point MadonnaA friend from Santa Fe went to help with the Sandy recovery. He took this photo (right) of a statue of the Blessed Mother as She stands amid the rubble of everything else being leveled in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, NY. He wants no recognition. He has printed and distributed thousands of cards of Her miraculous image for all to know She holds the light, and existence will go on.

The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is the feminine face of God, the emotions of God. She smiles and shows love even for those who have forgotten how to love. She holds those, who even as adults are lost children. She appears in the light of all destruction, to know life will go on. Existence will go on. You are part of that which cannot end, and cannot be destroyed. Since the dawn of time, humanity in every culture honors this Great Mother Energy.

These are representations of some of the Divine Mother archetypes that appear In Times of Trouble. Not knowing why, over the years I was drawn to collect these figures. Always follow your intuition. It is never wrong. It will take you on journeys to fascinations you never knew existed.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Mother of the Americas. Her miraculous image appeared on the tilma of Juan Diego in 1531, and remains perfect to this day on a woven cactus fabric that generally disintegrates in ten years. She stands in front of the sun with the moon at her feet and is dressed in stars. The unusual hue of turquoise blue in her mantle is a natural pigment which apparently cannot be reproduced. “Brushes not of this world painted this most sweet icon,” said Pope Pius XII.

Our Lady of Guadalupe’s illustrious prodigious image is venerated by 15 million people a year in Her Mexico City basilica that holds 22,000 people. Thousands gather in silence on Sundays, many walking on their knees across the brick courtyard to request Her intercession. We put our hearts in Her hand so She can present them to God. I visited Her in 1995 and at the third occasion on Valentine’s Day, She revealed Herself as my muse, “Do not worry, I will give you the words.”

See the Healing Well for Her place to hold your pain, and Her words to humanity.


Tara is the Buddhist Goddess of wisdom and compassion, the Swift One, always ready to help humankind. She is also known as a heavenly deity who hears the cries of beings experiencing misery and alleviates their suffering.


Spider Rock, AZ


Spider Woman
resides at Spider Rock, this monolith in Canyon de Chelly, the sacred land of the Navajo Nation in Chinle, Arizona. She is the wise Navajo Mother who continuously weaves the world into being. Standing barefoot at Spider Rock, the ground is noticeably hot.

Isis Great Egyptian Goddess


is the Egyptian Great Goddess, a deity-patroness of nature and magic, all the arts, motherhood and marriage, whose very name means Throne of Heaven.




Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love risen from sea-foam. She is the personification of the sacred, the sensual, the mystical union of enlightenment called sacred sexuality, the fertility and fecundity of Mother Earth and all of Nature.


Inanna - Sumerian Goddess



Inanna is the Sumerian Great Goddess, their Queen of Heaven, divine lover, warrior, healer, creatrix of civilization, goddess of fertility and passion.


Notre Dame de Sous-Terre


Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre, Our Lady Under the Earth in the crypt of Chartres Cathedral is called Sedes Sapientiae, Seated Wisdom, the Throne of Wisdom, the mana of the age-old goddess of life, death, and rebirth. The child on Her lap represents the potential for each person’s higher self that is seeking to emerge. This evolution of soul is open to all. Her image at the miraculous Well of The Holy Strong Ones has been celebrated since 2000 BC.



Notre-Dame du Pilier, Our Lady on the Pillar, presides at a side altar at Chartres Cathedral that is always aglow with tiers of candles. Interestingly enough, She is above the place where Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre presides below in the crypt. This detail is particularly intriguing in light of the geomagnetic frequencies that most likely would be even stronger in front of Our Lady Under the Earth.

“One hotspot appears notably in front of the statue of the Virgin of the Pillar, which makes one feel as though they’re being sucked down a vortex into the center of the Earth; the afflicted generally feel drawn to leave their burdens here, so to speak. Behind the altar a second vorticular column of energy rises out of the ground to generate a corresponding sense of elation.” –Freddy Silva, The Divine Blueprint, Invisible Temple, Portland, ME, 2012, p. 268

Black Madonna of Einsiedeln

The Black Madonna of Einsiedeln, Our Lady of the Hermits in the Dark Forest, is known for healing, power, majesty, and miracles. Jewels and sumptuous robes have been bestowed upon Her by the Swiss people. She is regarded as the best dressed Madonna in the world. Every afternoon hundreds gather in prayer as the monks walk in procession to the Virgin’s Black Marble Chapel of Grace at the entrance of the basilica to sing Salve Regina. It is profoundly humbling to witness.

Black Madonna of Montserrat

The Black Madonna of Montserrat, Seated Wisdom, La Moraneta, The Little Black Lady has huge hands, as do many other Black Madonnas, to safely cradle the child on Her lap. She is in charge of fertility, presides at weddings and childbirths, and is known to revive stillborn babies. Surrounded by mystery and miracles like the thousands of Black Madonnas throughout the world, She attracts millions of pilgrims to Her site in Montserrat, Catalonia’s most eminent holy ground in Spain. A monk at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, Abiquiu, New Mexico, painted this icon of Her for me.

Goddess, Knonnos, Crete


The Headless Goddess was a gift from a friend living with terminal cancer who had taken her dream cruise of the Mediterranean. She said it was the strangest image she had ever seen. It is an artist’s copy of the original found by a farmer on his land in Knossos in Crete. Terry passed into spirit a few days after she gave Her to me. Thank you again for this incredible gift of inspiration.

Osiris, Egyptian God


Osiris, not a goddess but he started all this, is the Egyptian merciful judge of the deceased and a deity who gave rebirth and life force to the returning vegetation each year. In 1977, I saw this 600 BC image at a coin show in Chicago I was attending with my boyfriend. I had to have it, didn’t even know what it was, and only found out years later. Thank you Jimmy, your generosity fueled my creativity.




Photo Credit: Photos by Natalya. www.nshotsphotography.com