Cover Art

Blue Hand of Divine Healing © Sharon Walker

The Blue Hand of Divine Healing
Sharon Walker © 2011

Sharon Walker is a visionary artist. This is her interpretation of an ancient fresco at Chartres Cathedral. This esoteric symbol represents divine energy flowing intuitively into a person. Allison sits under this hand after she has cried all her pain, wounds, and fears into the Well of the Holy Strong Ones. She is filled with the endless, pure love of God.

Sharon explains her painting:

Sharon-WalkerAll healing comes from God. Essentially, this painting represents the soul and the flow of divine healing, divine abundance, and divine essence.

Divine healing emanates from the center of the palm. The bubble on the tip of the thumb delineates the finger of God. The circle is gold leaf, and represents God, continuum, no beginning, no end. The sun represents the masculine. The outline of the new moon represents the feminine. Both are wrapped by bubbles and light.

The pastel spider web traps what is out of balance, while that which is in divine balance gently flows up and out of the palm into bubbles. When the soul, the spark of the divine, comes into the body at birth, it comes in as particles of light and teeny-tiny effervescent bubbles of light, like billions of sparklers shimmering with all the colors of the light spectrum. This is why the bubbles are painted in different colors, rising and bursting forth into light.

“The Blue Hand of Divine Healing” was painted with the Diamond Elixir Glaze, a formula I created in 1998 integrating pure essential oils and crushed industrial diamonds. Diamond is the master healer in the world of gemstones. The brushstroke is my trademark figure eight, the infinity symbol.

As a healer, I have been guided with specific clients to have them embrace the energetic healing embodied within this amazing book. The painting is the vehicle. Begin by placing your left hand upon The Blue Hand. Visualize the bubbles of light flowing and integrating within your own hand … this is a transference of energy. Then move your left hand upon your heart and simply breathe in the bubbles of light. Amazing!

–Sharon Walker

Archival digital prints of this painting are available. For ordering info, email: sharonwalkerhealing @