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Prior to a Book Club Discussion, I recommend you read all the information on this website. These are addendums to the novel, food for thought. –JS

Available to all, the Divine Mother’s Healing and Wisdom are the forces needed to recover from trauma. Hope, Dignity, God’s Pure Love.

As odd as this might seem, it is difficult for me to come up with questions. In lectures, people have questions and I easily speak extemporaneously, which usually leads to more in depth discussion. Praise on this website says more than I ever could, and leaves me humble and grateful. Wrapped in the folds of the Divine Mother’s mantle, every time I read my novel I have to pinch my cheek to remind myself that yes, I did write it—with the divine inspiration from my muse, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I guess the main question for discussion would be who has not experienced trauma in life, to a lesser or greater degree? Or knows someone who has?

Sadly, daily traumatic events throughout the world, compounded by the constant barrage of agony porn in the media, seem to be the pervasive, prevalent human condition. Perhaps this bombardment serves to surface everyone’s personal trauma, conscious or unconscious, to be cleared and healed? And in turn, this healing brings the centering calm of the Divine Mother into the collective consciousness of the world—eventually affecting a mass shift of the collective.

I believe there is a conscious and unconscious hunger and longing for the feminine face of God. Carl Jung believed that unless there was a restoration of the balance of masculine and feminine, and a return of the divine feminine into the psyche of the world, we would have chaos. This is where we are right now.

Maybe there is a bigger picture for all of this? My Master’s Thesis at the University of Chicago, The Element of Terror in Contemporary Theatre, dealt with how terror served as a deus ex machina to bring characters to a higher level of consciousness. As such, I view trauma as a phenomenon that relates to how humanity moves forward to the next level of evolution.

When wounds surface they are excruciatingly painful. But they surface for your soul to clear them from your consciousness. You cannot hold onto these wounds any longer. It just doesn’t work. A Sacred Moment—Faith and gratitude are always free and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Release the trauma. It is not your trauma, and you do not want to own it anymore.

Open your heart to the love of the Divine Mother. Welcome Her into your life. Release all your pain, wounds, fears, terrors, and trauma into Her open heart that is beating just for you in the Healing Well on this website. Trust Her. The Mother only knows how to heal.

You are the miracle, and everything in your life reflects this.
When you believe in miracles—Miracles Happen.
And remember—God does not work in the logical.

We are stepping into a very important world—an important world of naturalization and welcome-ness. It is time to be whole again.

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