Jeanette Stanhaus
Photo by Natalya.

Writing this novel was a spiritual mystery to me. Somehow I knew I was just a messenger.

It is my honor to deliver this message of Divine Healing, Divine Feminine Healing. I know in my heart what I have written is true. I trust each reader will receive personal messages into their heart. And be blessed in their personal healing. Never give up.

Everyone’s life is a sacred journey. Your spiritual path does not have to be like anyone else’s. It is uniquely your own. You walk each step of the way with the Infinite Creator. You are never alone. You are the miracle and everything in your life reflects this.

Personal Background. This is my first novel. I have been a professional writer since age eighteen. The University of Chicago, M.A. English Literature. Northwestern University, B.A. English Literature and Philosophy. Age twenty-five, founder and president of Stanhaus Marketing, Inc., an international advertising/public relations agency.

After twenty years I retired to learn how the metaphysical world works. Esoteric knowledge, ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, silence, sacred sexuality, the right use of spiritual power–these terms fascinated me. 

Life is about the search for the missing pieces of our soul, and it proceeds along a carefully arranged sequence of coincidences that are not accidental.

Jeanette Stanhaus

How I Came to Write the Novel
Radio Interview

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