A Sacred Moment

This is the true nature of your power observed wisely. –JS

You carry a gift inside of you. It is called your heart. And every place is sacred when there is an opening of the human heart.

Unexpected, a sacred moment can often come when you are alone, perhaps in the middle of the night. It is God’s communication to you that everything is going to be all right, and that you are perfect, magnificent, and greatly loved throughout eternity.

There is no magic pill to a sacred moment in time. When you have come to that sacred moment in your time, it isn’t the fact that you visited a place that makes the difference. It is the fact that you did all the work to get there. And what transpires is simply a final ceremony to set you along your next pathway of growth.

To have everything right in your life isn’t about a place you go to outside your body. It is a place you go to inside your heart, and it is called faith. When you have faith, and you have gratitude, and you have stated the intention of your decision, now you move forward. Now you have the activity in your life you are wanting.

But to look outside yourself that there is a place to go to, or something outside of you that needs to happen for this sacred experience—of course, this is not true. For the greatest adventure is inside your own feelings and emotions, and understanding your own faith.

The power of your faith, of trusting something you cannot see and you have no scientific proof of, the inner knowing and inner authority to say, I know what I know. I don’t know how I know. I can’t necessarily prove it to you. But I know it to be true. This type of knowing is precious. And it is to be encouraged because this is what builds your faith.

If you are following instructions to the degree of saying, well so and so said to do this and then I’ll be ok. And you are not ok. It is because you did not have faith to begin with.

So it is that many individuals are waiting for something to happen in their life for them to feel powerful. But something doesn’t magically happen for you to feel powerful.

The very act of using your power by making choices and decisions for your life, and then being responsible and accountable—it is this experience of power and of utilizing your power that has you feel powerful.

Faith and gratitude are always free and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

(In Times of Trouble, pp 233-234)